Imagine helping family and friends.
Imagine having control of your work schedule.
Imagine making a substantial, sustainable income.

You can adjust your life and insure your future by becoming an insurance claims adjuster.

Whether you are a high school graduate looking for direction, a working adult looking for a new career, a retired military veteran looking a rewarding position, a retiree looking to supplement your income, or a college graduate looking for the best way to use your degree, this could be the right adjustment for you.

"Obtaining my license changed my life immediately. It gave me financial stability. It gave me more freedom and control of my time. I pick and choose whether I want an assignment. It brought in revenue that allowed me to do other things. It opened my eyes to a new opportunity."

- Lisa Evans -

Future Partners

If you are a high school, college or career counselor or perhaps work in career counseling, unemployment offices, veteran agencies, civic or non-profit organizations, Encore can help you help others and achieve your mission. We will give you the tools to dramatically adjust lives and insure future success

“They can see themselves doing it pretty quickly."
-Teen Leaders of America founder Marcia Brown-
Marcia Brown is the Executive Director of Teen Leaders of America, so she works with high school students every day. Listen for one minute to this video on why she thinks Encore provides a great opportunity for the people she serves

Become an Insurance Adjuster

Investigate insurance claims by interviewing, researching, and inspecting. A claims adjuster determines the extent of an insurance company’s liability. As a career, becoming a claims adjuster is not only rewarding but constantly in demand. The insurance industry is not affected by pandemics, recessions, inflation or interest rates. Accidents and weather incidents will always occur.

Encore will prepare you for the state certification with a self-paced course. Pass the test and you are on your way to insuring your future. No college degree required.

Let Encore insure your financial future with a satisfying career.

  • Healthy income.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Reliable industry.

No State Exam Required