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Encore Claim Services

We are a team of experienced, passionate and respected insurance professionals, skilled in curriculum development, training, claims management and mediation. Our goal is to develop compassionate and qualified insurance industry professionals who successfully engage in client recovery.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Encore’s core mission is to provide comprehensive training and development resources to prepare prospective adjusters regardless of socioeconomic status.

  • Experienced With Over 75 Years Of Leadership And Industry Experience

  • No Hassle Training

  • Committed To Post Certification Assistance

  • Optimized Training Experience

  • Relevant Curriculum

  • Excels In Developing Qualified Insurance Industry Professionals

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Why Encore Claims Services?

Encore Claim Services received Florida legislative approval on April 16, 2019.

The approval allows Encore Claim Services to provide certified, state approved insurance curriculum.

AICS Designation

The Accredited Insurance Claims Specialist designation exempts students from taking the Florida 6-20 adjuster state exam.

Loan Debt Reduction

Enter a career profession with minimal cost, reducing and/or avoiding a substantial amount of student loan debt.

Stable, Reliable Industry

Insurance is a recession-proof industry. It will always have work because there will always be accidents and weather-related disasters.

Bobby Dubose

“The long-term vision of what Monica saw was to open up the industry to young people and expose them to something they ordinarily would not know about. There are multiple career paths in insurance. It’s recession proof and pandemic proof. And let’s be honest, you can make a lot of money. I am happy to be a part of it.”

Former Florida House Rep. Bobby Dubose and long-time insurance executive

No State Exam Required

Monica Richardson
Encore Claim Services CEO
My Motto

“As long as I breathe, I will achieve.”

Meet Our Founder

Monica Denise Richardson is driven by purpose. Nothing slows down her burning passion to serve. “Transforming lives gives me energy. It’s what excites and ignites me.” As founder and CEO, her drive permeates the culture at Encore Claim Services.

With a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition and a Masters Degree in Human Resources, and following a10-year career in hospitality, Monica shifted gears when family became her first priority. Insurance provided the source of bread and the flexible hours led to more family time and global experiences. She was bit by the insurance bug.

From her start at State Farm to the head of her own company today, the past 22 years in various roles have immersed her into every aspect of the insurance industry. She blends that expertise with the passion of transforming lives to mastermind the Encore mission and curriculum.

Family remains the cornerstone of her life, inspired by the 59-year marriage of her parents and supplemented by a healthy dose of hot yoga and pilates.