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Encore Claim Services

Encore Claim Services,a subsidiary of JYM Associates Group is a team of experienced, passionate, respected insurance professionals; skilled in curriculum development, training, claims management and mediation. We are committed to developing the most relevant and impactful online curriculum allowing our Clients to thrive in the insurance industry. Through our experience and customized training tools, Encore Claim Services is dedicated to developing compassionate and qualified insurance industry professionals who successfully engage in client recovery.

  • Experienced with over 75 Years of Leadership and Industry Experience

  • No hassle training

  • Committed to post certification assistance

  • Optimized training experience

  • Relevant Curriculum

  • Excels in developing qualified insurance Industry Professionals

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Benefits Of Choosing To Work With Us

AICS Designation

Completing the 40-hour curriculum and passing a comprehensive exam will allow individuals to obtain the Accredited Insurance Claims Specialist (AICS) designation. This designation provides exemption from taking the Florida 6-20 adjuster state exam.

Amazing Profession

Allow college students/high school students, veterans, adults, and/or retired and just want an opportunity to have a profession, with or without a college degree, with earning potential over 100K.

Loan Debt Reduction

Reduce the student loan debt and provide a career that will allow high school students/young adults the benefits of entering the economy without a substantial amount of debt at an early age.

About Us

Encore Claim Services

Encore Claim Services is a Jacksonville, Florida based company that offers training services for Property and Casualty adjusting. Our core mission is to provide comprehensive training and development resources preparing prospective adjusters regardless of socioeconomic status that will help decrease educational barriers within low-income and minority communities and universities.

Encore Claim Services received approval from the state of Florida on April 16, 2019, to provide certified state approved insurance curriculum. SB 534 and HB 467 were passed during legislative sessions and the governor signed the bill into law on June 11, 2021.

Monica Denise Richardson
Founder & President
My Motto

“As long as I breathe, I will achieve.”


Monica Denise Richardson is the founder and president of JYM Associates Group. Inc DBA as Encore Claims Services. This is a training and development organization that offers a vast range of training services in the insurance industry. Monica is an honored graduate of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree (1995) in Food and Nutrition and later earned a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Keller University (2002) with an emphasis in training and development.

Monica has 1 daughter, and a grandson. When Monica started a family, she had to make one of the most difficult decisions in her career to leave the hospitality industry. This being a 24 - hour industry did not allow her the time needed to spend with the family. Monica has three siblings. She was raised in a military background. Her father is a retired Chief in the Air Force and her parents have been married for 58 years. Monica was born on Andrews AFB and has lived in Australia, New Zealand and several other places throughout the United States. Monica selected a major and career in the hospitality industry because this aligned with her upbringing and would allow her the opportunity to continue to travel and see the world.

She worked over 10 years in the hospitality industry in various leadership roles such as Operations, Restaurant, Customer Relations, and Marketing/Sales prior to transitioning into the Insurance Industry. With her transferable skills Monica decided to switch careers into the Insurance Industry. Monica began her insurance career with State Farm Insurance in Dallas, Texas (1998). Monica now brings over 22 years Insurance experience that eventually led to her becoming the Director of Claims Training for the Country for a fortune 500 Insurance Organization where she led 13 National Trainers and over 2,000 + employees. She is active in the community and has a passion for working with the underserved youths in helping them discover their full potential.